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EB-5 Hospitality Industry Visa

American Business Exchange is actively organizing Limited Partnerships to acquire U.S. based hotels with 250 rooms and upwards, to serve as qualifying investments for foreign national “Entrepreneurs” under the EB-5 category. In so doing A.B.E works with top consultants and industry professionals to develop major hotel projects in the United States.

The United States hotel industry and hotel investments are strong high yield and low risk investments when handled appropriately. The presently troubled United States economy has taken its toll on the Hospitality Industry. As a result there are hundreds of hotels on the market that can be acquired for sacrifice prices, millions below their development costs.

American Business Exchange is in progress of negotiating numerous hotel transactions with the objective of acquiring title to them in the name of Limited Partnerships so that its foreign national Entrepreneurs may qualify under the U.S. Immigration Law’s EB-5 category and thereby be issued Green Cards.

American Business Exchange's hotel investments are ideal for “Entrepreneurs” in as much as they should realize a high yield return on investment, qualify for U.S. immigration status and have a vacation home in the United States all while investing in a hard asset.

If you’re in the market for a good investment with a high yield and one that may serve as a qualifying investment for an EB-5 Visa, contact us for a free consultation to learn how you can benefit as a Limited Partner in one of American Business Exchange's hotel acquisitions. Click here for a free written consultation.