E-2 Treaty Investor

If you are a national of a country that has an active Treaty of Commerce with the United States, you’re eligible to apply for an E-2 Treaty Investor Visa which entitles you to enter the U.S. to manage and direct a business in which you have invested or are in the process of investing a substantial sum of money.

E-2 Visas are issued for two year periods. There is no limit to the number of two year renewals, provided that you maintain your E-2 business status i.e., actively remain in the business that you used to qualify or invest in another business that meets E-2 criteria.

If you or your spouse are nationals of one of the following “Treaty Nations” you are eligible to apply for E-2 Treaty Investor visas.

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Treaty Countries Currently Include:

When it comes to E-2 visa applications, Green Card Business Exchange in Boca Raton, Florida, is here for whatever you need. Check if you belong to any of the following E-2 treaty countries listed below


Armenia | Azerbaijan | Bahrain | Bangladesh | China (Taiwan) | Georgia | Iran | Japan | Jordan | Kazakhstan | South Korea | Kyrgyzstan | Mongolia | Oman | Pakistan | Philippines | Singapore | Sri Lanka | Thailand | Turkey


Cameroon | Congo (Brazzaville) | Congo (Kinshasa) | Egypt | Ethiopia | Liberia | Morocco | Senegal | Togo | Trinidad and Tobago | Tunisia


Albania | Austria | Belgium | Bosnia and Herzegovina | Bulgaria | Croatia | Czech Republic | Estonia | Finland | France | Germany | Italy | Ireland | Latvia | Lithuania | Luxembourg | Macedonia | Moldova | The Netherlands | Norway | Poland | Ukraine | United Kingdom | Romania | Slovak Republic | Slovenia | Spain | Sweden | Switzerland | Yugoslavia

North America:

Canada | Costa Rica | Grenada | Honduras | Jamaica | Mexico | Panama

South America:

Argentina | Bolivia | Chile | Colombia | Ecuador | Paraguay | Suriname

Successful Business Meeting

The minimum dollar amount of the E-2 investment should be $250,000. The amount is actually dependent on the type of business, because the USCIS evaluates the relative amount of money required to adequately capitalize a particular business.
It is permissible to own less than 100% of a business, provided that you legally control it and your investment is proportionate to the total value of the business. If you start a new business the amount of money invested should comport with what would be considered as reasonable in comparison with the sum of money required to capitalize similar businesses.
While in E-2 status you may travel out of the country at your will, however you must return within six (6) months.
If you are married your spouse and unmarried children under 21 years of age, regardless of nationality, may accompany you. Your spouse may seek employment in the US. Your children cannot legally work, however they can attend school.
American Business Exchange will assist you in all aspects of the E-2 Visa process inclusive of selecting a suitable business to purchase; not all businesses will qualify. We will also prepare your E-2 application and if you wish our affiliate immigration attorney will review it and represent you in the E-2 Visa process with USCIS. Whatever you need, you can rely on American Business Exchange. Click here for a free written consultation.