Business Management

The USCIS regulations related to L-1A visas require visa holders to actively manage and direct the day-to-day business operations. This requirement may be too restrictive for individuals that have business matters other than those related to their new U.S. business.

If you are holding an L-1A visa ,American Business Exchanges Business management services may be what you need.

American Business Exchange will provide your company with a qualified resident manager to work with you in handling the day-to-day management, required in operating your U.S. business.

In compliance with USCIS regulations related to maintaining direct control over the business, you will for all intents and purposes supervise the Manager; thus you will be in control of the business, while enjoying the freedom to travel and attend to other business matters.


Business management services include:
  •   Receipt and deposit of monies in client banking accounts
  •   Reconciliation of monthly bank statements
  •   Payment of expenses, both personal and corporate
  •   Preparation of payroll, sales, and business tax returns
  •   Hire and fire personnel
  •   Market your company’s services and/or products.
  •   Build your businesses’ value, so that it will fetch a high price, if and when your company decides to sell.

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