Business Plan Paperwork

Business Plans

American Business Exchange’s highly qualified Business Plan writers stand ready to provide you with a comprehensive plan as an integral part of the documentation submitted with your business visa petition.

The component parts of American Business Exchange’s business plans include:
A complete description of the business including an identification of the product or service involved, the size and competitive nature of the market for the business, a description of the operational approach used to take the business to market, and the challenges and risks associated with the business startup.



Strategy relative to attracting customers in need of the new subsidiary’s products or services inclusive of a value equation related to the product or service as it relates to potential customers. Most significantly detailed marketing and advertising plans will be set forth.


Pro Formal Financial Projections

Income statements, cash flow statements, and balance sheets that project the anticipated financial performance of the business when it begins operation. The statements will include extensive notes concerning material assumptions used to prepare the projections.


Financing Needs

Regardless of the source of funding for the new subsidiary the Business Plan will include financing needs. This section will include a complete analysis of startup costs including sufficient working capital to cover initial marketing plans and operating losses until the projected breakeven point for the business. The process of carefully detailing this information, even if you’re not borrowing anything from an outside source, is essential to be included.


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American Business Exchange will provide your company with a step by step plan  to buy a suitable new United States Subsidiary Business for L-1A Visa purposes.